About Us
We are a manufacturing company supplying engineered products and service to the global market
15 R&D Engineers
7 Support Engineers
2 state of the art Industrial and R&D sites in Portugal
Continuous Research & Development to provide the best solutions
2017 Total
Our Story

We are the result of many years of experience in the marketing and manufacturing of equipment for the digital print market from our key members of management.

NEW SOLUTION ENGINNERING began its activity in the development and manufacture of equipment for the advertising sector, primarily focusing on digital textiles. Later in 2014, the company developed a range of equipment for printing and pre- and post-finishing for the digital textile market, always using direct printing technologies.

We have since expanded, grown and developed to address a wide variety of markets and applications including textiles, packaging, labeling, apparel, footwear and many more.

Working with experienced researchers and institutes to develop world-class innovations, the company has formed a solid partnership with INESC TEC (The Institute for Systems and Computer Engineering, Technology and Science), one of the most respected scientific and technological research and development laboratories in the world. INESC TEC brings together more than 650 researchers, of which more than 270 have PhDs, forming a robust elite cluster with complementary skills and with notable international presence that supports the New Solution R&D team with advanced consulting and technology transfer skills.

New Solution SA manufactures digital print equipment to the highest of European standards. Products and components are 100% CE certified and all our manufacturing processes are housed together, giving us total control over the design, production, manufacturing and testing processes. Quality control provides a basis for our continuous improvement, providing better control of our production, engineering and management processes.


Pursuit of Perfection

The high structural flexibility of NEW SOLUTION ENGINEERING, enables us to be positioned at the forefront of the digital printing industry with continual innovation of key solutions in-house, from software integration, printing machines, finishing and preparation.
To maximise our technical expertise, continual investment in R&D and partnerships with national and foreign corporations, with the objective of positioning New Solution Engineering as a market leading manufacturer and a global reference for the digital print market.
Human resources development

Our core business strategy will always be based on the organic growth of its structures, integrating businesses in adjacent areas, namely the production of chemical solutions as well as the internal development of various mechanical and finishing processes. Thus opting for a vertical integration.
WHy US ? 

We provide a high-level skill set to your project

Utilising our highly trained research and development team, extensive manufacturing experience and state of the art facilities, we can help develop and create your digital printer ideas through dedication, commitment and real innovation.
Engineering & product development
Highly functional Prototype in 30 days
Rigorous Testing
Project Release
global partners

The Stamp of Trust

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