Short run packaging and prototyping has never been more important in our changing world of fast moving consumer goods. Market testing and trialing of packaging, branding and messaging is imperative before goods go to market and is now achievable using digital print technology.
Brands frequently revise package designs to meet changes in markets, demands and seasons. The folding carton market includes boxes, sleeves and blister packs as well as gifting and inserts.
With over 3000 folding carton converters worldwide, the market is we established and proven.

Changing consumer trends

Demand for one off designs and bespoke packaging is on the increase. Manufacturers and brand managers want to react to changes in demographics and market fluctuations and so the trend is moving towards shorter production runs. PIRA estimates the folding carton market will grow by 4.5% annually throughout 2016, as it takes advantage of the higher demand for short run volumes.  This offers new opportunities for digital printers wanting to enter the market as well as to traditional converters looking to expand their offerings.

Fashion changes every six months, packaging design needs to reflect these ever changing trends in order to be dynamic and eye-catching either on the shelf or on the page.

As well as looking attractive, packaging also needs to be robust, resilient, durable and well finished.

The healthy forecasts offer encouraging news for existing converters, as well as potential newcomers looking for new revenue opportunities.

US$81.5 billion in revenue

US$13 Billion in revenue

US$13 billion in revenue