POS & Brand Selection

POS & Brand Selection

Today more than ever, brand managers have multiple opportunities for increasing in-store buying decisions by well placed point of purchase graphics.

Almost three quarters of shoppers at supermarkets make their brand selections in store and in the aisles. With the increase in online browsing and access to smart technology, it’s easy to assume that buying decisions are pre-determined.

But despite representing an unplanned buy, point of sale (POS) items are particularly attractive to price-sensitive customers, as they are commonly displayed as “deal” items, whether that means being on sale, or “new in-store,” or an “item of the week.” The majority of POS merchandise tends to focus on low-ticket impulse items that can easily be added to other purchases.

This is great news for brand managers. The increase in in-store buying decisions means that retail marketing displays have the potential to influence the choices of more potential new customers than ever before.

In-store Display Graphics

Retail POS and POP display graphics includes printed display stands, shelf talkers, EPOS strips, Dump bins, Sale labels, marketing materials, posters, flags, pop-up promotional counters and displays as well as exhibition and trade show materials when required.

With the added time pressures on today’s working families, impulse buyers are easily tempted and therefore more receptive to in-store marketing. Dynamic, effective and clear marketing messages with creative graphics and vibrant print is a proven method of increasing in-store buying decisions.

Increased de-centralisation of major city stores, to smaller more localised shops, has also increased the need for localisation of marketing messages. What will sell in one part of the country may not sell in another and brand managers are more aware than ever of the need to offer regularly updated graphics, messaging and labeling relevant to their target markets.